SAWZALL® Scraper Blades

MILWAUKEE® Scraper Blades convert several slow and strenuous hand tool applications into fast and effortless tasks. These blades provide a comprehensive solution across the spectrum of soft and hard materials. Features include induction-hardened edges for maximum durability, a corrosion-resistant coating for longer life, and chamfered corners for greater control. The Scraper Blades offer a great solution for removing materials such as linoleum flooring, strong adhesives, paint, glue, thin-set, drywall mud, rust, etc. In addition to the Scraper Blades, the Grout Removal Tool is designed to quickly and accurately remove grout. The coarse carbide grit effectively removes all epoxy and cement-based grout types.

  • Induction Hardened Edge for maximum durability
  • Winged Tang reduces breakage
  • Corrosion Resistant Chrome Coating for longer life

Product Specifications

Pack Qty 1 Pack