PLUS-LOK™ SDS Plus Extensions

Our SDS Plus PLUS-LOK™ Extensions provide you with increased access in tough to reach areas and around obstructions. The extensions are universal, fitting all brands of SDS Plus rotary hammers and accessories including but not limited to drill bits, chisels, core bits, and anchor installation solutions. The PLUS-LOK™ SDS Plus extension connection mechanism has a small profile, allowing you to drill deep through holes with drill bits 7/8" and larger. The auto-insert mechanism allows you to perform a tool-free connection and provides you with ease of use. By increasing accessibility and decreasing the number of drill bits needed to complete a job, the universal SDS Plus extension bars allow you to Reach More and maximize your productivity.

  • 12" and 18" Lengths for Increased Accessibility in Tough to Reach Applications
  • Ideal for tight access in and around obstructions
  • Universal extension fits all SDS Plus Rotary Hammers
  • Compatible with all SDS Plus Accessories Including Drill Bits, chisels, core bits, and anchor installation solutions
  • Small diameter profile allows for drilling deep holes 7/8" and larger
  • Auto-insert mechanism for tool free connection
  • Reduces number of drill bit lengths required to complete a job

Product Specifications

Length 0.88 in
Width 0.88 in
Material Composition Steel
Shank Size Not Included


0.88 in
0.88 in
0.88 in