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Short Tape Measures

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*Based on maximum performance and extension of average professional user
** Functional after 80’ drop on packed soil

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Tape Measure Technology

We are committed to continuously innovating our Tape Measures. With countless hours on the jobsite and investment in cutting-edge technology, we deliver best-in-class reach and durability to meet your needs.

Custom MILWAUKEE® Gearing reduces the size of all MILWAUKEE geared Tape Measures, allowing the Tapes to be more compact for a comfortable, ergonomic fit in your hand. The Geared design also encompasses a smaller spring, which optimizes the blade retraction speed and minimizes whip to reduce tape tear.

  • 1

    Heat Treated High Carbon Steel

    Treated at 1400ºF, our blades are consistently strong and durable, limiting tape tear
  • 2

    Deep Blade Curvature

    Optimized for best-in-class reach
  • 3

    Precision 2-Sided Printing

    Tight tolerances allow accurate measuring on both sides of the blade
  • 4

    EXO360™ Rip & Wear Resistant Blade

    • High Density Nylon Coating Wraps 360º around the blade
    • Blade resists tearing from repetitive bending and fast blade retraction
  • 5

    Anti-Tear Coating

    PET Film Reinforces the first 6” of the blade, limiting breakage near the hook

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