48-22-9725M - 25' STUD Magnetic Tape Measure
17' REACH*

Industry's Most Durable Tape Measure

Our STUD Tape Measures are the industry's most durable tape measure, equipped with innovative EXO360™ Blade Technology. EXO360 protects your tape's blade from ripping and wearing, delivering the longest-lasting blade on the market. The tape features up to 14' of standout for extended reach and efficient measuring. Cutting-edge measuring tape blade technology, combined with a fully-reinforced impact-resistant frame makes STUD Tape Measures the most durable retractable tape measure for all your jobsite needs.

Longest Lasting Blade

  • High Density Nylon Coating wraps 360° around the blade
  • Blade resists tearing from repetitive bending and fast blade retraction
  • Blade resists wear delivering numbers and markings that last 10X longer

Survives 80’ Drop**

  • Fully Reinforced Frame
  • Impact-resistant overmold

Construction Features

  • 1

    Up to 14’ Standout*

    Extended reach for efficient measuring
  • 2

    EXO360™ Rip & Wear Resistant Blade Technology

    Longest Lasting Blade
  • 3

    Reinforced Frame & Heavy Duty Overmold

    Survives 80' Drop**
  • 4

    Finger Stop

    Protects finger from blade retraction
  • 5

    2-Sided Printing

    Increased measurement readability
  • 6

    Optional Magnetic Hook

    Holds EMT & Steel Studs
*Based on maximum performance
**Functional after 80’ drop on packed soil