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Backpack Concrete Vibrator

  • RedLithium™ XC406 Battery Pack

    • Industry Leader in LITHIUM-ION Technology
    • Patented Designs Protect Against Drops, Water and Harsh Environments
    • Robust Electronics Optimize Performance for Every Equipment and Battery Combination
  • RedLink Plus™ Intelligence

    • Most Advanced System of Equipment Electronics in the Industry
    • Protects Equipment with Best-In-Class Thermal and Overload Monitoring
    • Delivers In-Application Communication, Optimizing Equipment Performance
    • Powerstate™ Brushless Motor

      • Engineered Uniquely for the Demands of Each Piece of Equipment
      • Optimized for the Perfect Combination of Performance, Portability and Productivity
      • Built with Maximum Copper Content and Top-Grade Rare Earth Magnets

    • Sustains vibrations over 10,000 VPM, even in the stiffest concrete, for optimal consolidation

    • Zero emissions, along with less noise and vibration provide a safer workspace
    • Eliminates wearable parts of a gas engine

    • Consolidate up to 3,800 sq ft on (1) MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ XC406 Battery Pack with a 1-1/2"" Head
    • Seven trucks per charge