BOLT™ Full Face Shield Mount Replacement (Helmet & Hard Hat)

Our BOLT™ Full Face Shield Replacement Mount (Helmets & Hard Hats) is designed to allow for quick and tool-free shield replacement. This is the mount replacement for BOLT™ full-face shields (compatible with MILWAUKEE® Safety Helmets & Hard Hats). The mount is fitted with reversible adaptors that allow users to switch compatibility between MILWAUKEE® safety helmets and hard hats. White alignment pills etched onto each side of the mount correspond with alignment pills etched onto the shields to assist users in properly and securely attaching replacement shields. The mount secures into the BOLT™ Front Slots on MILWAUKEE® Safety Helmets & Hard Hats. This face shield mount is part of the BOLT™ accessory system which allows users to Secure Accessories Simultaneously.

  • Tool-Free Shield Change
  • Reversible adaptors allow use with both Milwaukee® Safety Helmets and Hard Hats
  • Secures into BOLT™ Front Slots
  • Quick Attachment & Removal
  • Compatible with Milwaukee® Safety Helmets & Hard Hats
  • ANSI Z87.1+ & CSA Z94.3 Rated
  • Third-Party tested & certified
  • Compatible with Milwaukee® Polycarbonate and Metal Mesh Shields (for Safety Helmets & Hard Hats)
  • 180° field of view
  • Compatible with safety glasses
  • Pack Dimensions - 11"D x 10.3"W x 9.1"H
  • For use with BOLT™ Accessories

Product Specifications

Length 2.0 in
Weight 0.2 lb
Height 3.0 in
Width 10.0 in
Style Helmet & Hard Hat