4-Point Ratcheting Suspension 

Our 4-Point Ratcheting Suspension can be quickly adjusted to your fit preferences. Our suspension lineup features the largest ratcheting adjustment range in the industry. The 4-Point Ratcheting Suspension features a moisture-wicking sweat band so you can stay cool and dry fast. For better comfort, the suspension comes with cushioned ratchets and crown pads. The sweatband is anti-microbial to prevent odor and bacteria build up and is removable and machine washable. Our 4-Point Ratching Suspension is compatible with all MILWAUKEE® Hard Hats.

  • Cushioned Ratchet and Crown Pad
  • Compatible with all Milwaukee® Hard Hats
  • Replacement for Milwaukee® Hard Hats w/4pt Ratcheting Suspension
  • Evenly Disturbs Weight on Head
  • Reversible in compatible Milwaukee® Hard Hats
  • Sweatband is antimicrobial to prevent odor and bacteria build up
  • Easily Click In and Out

Product Specifications