BOLT™ Marker Clip

Our BOLT™ Marker Clip is designed to securely hold markers and pencils. The clip is compatible with all Milwaukee® head protection including helmets and hard hats. It easily clicks into the head protection's BOLT™ Accessory slots letting you use the universal accessory slots to clip in additional head protection accessories like ear muffs. The marker clip is part of Milwaukee® BOLT™ System that lets you adapt to your jobsite by adding BOLT™ accessories to your Milwaukee® head protection. All Milwaukee® hard hats and helmets are BOLT™ compatible.

  • Compatible with Milwaukee® Head Protection
  • Adapt to Your Jobsite – BOLT™ System Accessory
  • Allows use of additional head protection accessories like ear muffs
  • Can Hold Two Markers and/or Pencils at Once
  • Secures Out of Line of Sight
  • Can Hold Corded Hearing Protection for Convenience
  • Durable Construction for Jobsite Conditions

Product Specifications