SDS-MAX SLEDGE™ 3" Scaling Chisel (25-Pack)

Our SDS-MAX SLEDGE™ Scaling Chisels stay sharper longer. Reinforced edges deliver maximum durability and reduced wear over the life of the chisels. We've engineered these chisels to maintain sharper edges for increased productivity with wide tips optimized for larger surface areas, ideal for removing concrete, motar, rust, cutting troughs, and asphalt. No re-sharpening or re-hardening is necessary, reducing downtime. The MILWAUKEE® SDS-MAX SLEDGE™ Scaling Chisels are designed for SDS Max rotary hammers with high grade forged steel for maximum durability and longer life in concrete demolition over our standard chisels.

  • 12" overall length
  • 3" width
  • Cleans concrete
  • cuts troughs and some asphalt
  • Designed for SDS Max rotary hammers
  • High Grade forged steel for durability
  • rust
  • scale
  • Up to 20% longer life
  • Use in Hammer Only mode

Product Specifications

Hole Diameter 3 in
Pack Qty 25 (Bulk)
Size 3" x 12"
Length 3.0 in
Weight 1.595 lb
Height 12.0 in
Width 0.71 in
Style Scaling Chisel