18 TPI Standard Compact (32-7/8") Portable Band Saw Blade 3PK

Make precision cuts with our portable band saw blades. Cut a variety of metal including strut, conduit, angle iron, copper, threaded rod and pipe. These portable band saw blade's tooth form ensure fast and clean cuts. Available in deep cut (44-7/8"), Compact (32-7/8" and 35-3/8") and sub-compact (27") sizes.

  • High Speed Steel Teeth For Maximum Durability
  • Alloy Backing Steel for Extended Blade Life
  • Precision Formed Teeth for Fast, Clean Cuts

Product Specifications

Number of Teeth Display=592&Actual=592
TPI 18
Blade Length 32.875 in
Pack Qty 3 Pack
Size 32-7/8”
Length 7.0 in
Weight 0.105 lb
Height 0.75 in
Width 15.0 in
Material Thickness Thin Metal
Material Application Medium Metal