SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Duty Expand Set - 10PC

Our 10 Piece SHOCKWAVE™ Expand Impact Driver Bits are engineered to be the Most Durable, Best Fitting driver bits on the market. The Wear Guard Tip™ delivers increased wear resistance which protects the fit over the life of the bit. The Shockzone™ is optimized for for each tip type and length of driver bit to absorb peak torque and prevent breaking. The Custom Alloy76™ has a customized steel and heat treatment per tip type to extend the life of the driver bits, providing up to 50X life vs. competitive impact driver bits. SHOCKWAVE™ driver bits are built to deliver extreme durability for the most demanding applications.


(1) SHOCKWAVE™ Compact Magnetic Bit Holder (1)
SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Magnetic Bit Holder (48-32-4511)
(3) Phillips Bit 2" P2 (2) Square Bit 2" SQ2 (2) TORX® Bit 2" T25 (1) 1/4" Magnetic Nut Driver (1) 5/16" Magnetic Nut Driver
  • Wear Guard Tip™ protects fit over the life of the bit
  • Optimized Shockzone™ absorbs peak torque and prevents breaking
  • Custom Alloy76™ Steel is engineered to extend bit life
  • Magnet holds fasteners to the drive guide
  • C-ring retains the insert bit
  • Custom Alloy76™ Steel maximizes resistance to wear and shock
  • Customized geometry and heat treatment per tip type for best performance across tip types

Product Specifications