1-1/4" x 4.5" Flat Boring Bit

Our MILWAUKEE® Flat Boring Bits are the ideal solution for boring holes at any angle in a variety of materials. Our premium quality spade drill bit is made of heat-treated high carbon steel. We designed the pilot drill point and cutting edge of the paddle bit to able to be resharpened, saving you time while extending the life of the bit. Our 1-1/4" x 4.5" flat spade bit bores clean, fast holes at any angle in wood, plastic, plywood and Formica.

  • Drill point and cutting edges can be resharpened for long life
  • Clean Holes: Heat-treated carbon steel lets you bore clean holes quickly
  • Versatile: Ideal for boring small holes in wood, plastic, plywood and formica
  • Compact to fit into tight spaces

Product Specifications