2-1/4" SwitchBlade™ Replacement Blade Kit (7 PC)

Keep all the tools to change your SwitchBlade™ in this handy, self-contained storage case. The SwitchBlade™ Replacement Kit includes three replacement blades, one feed screw, two set screws, and an integrated hex wrench. The replacment blades are made with hardened steel to increase bit life. The size is engraved on each blade.


(3) Switchblade™ Selfeed Bit Blades (1) Storage Case with Built in Hex Wrench (2) Set Screws (1) Feed Screws
  • Replacement blades made with hardened steel increases bit life
  • Size engraved on each blade
  • Storage case with built in hex wrench carries up to 5 blades

Product Specifications

Pack Qty 3 Pack