ONE-KEY™ Asset ID Tag – Sm. Plastic Surface

Our Small ONE-KEY™ Asset ID Tags for plastic surfaces provide you with the industry’s best scannability, high adhesion strength, and durability you can rely on while managing inventory with the MILWAUKEE® ONE-KEY™ mobile or web app. Use any smart mobile device with an integrated camera and the ONE-KEY™ app for scanning, rather than investing in dedicated hardware. Time and location data are recorded with every scan of these adhesive ID tags. Made with velvet Lexan, these .69” x 1” tags are ideal for assets with small plastic surfaces available for adhesion, such as power tools. The tags are built to withstand the harshest jobsite conditions with resistance to water and chemical exposure, fade-protection from UV light, scratch-resistant properties, and maintain adhesion through significant fluctuations in temperature.

  • Tracking Powered by the ONE-KEY™ App
  • Compatible with the ONE-KEY™
  • Scans with any smart mobile device with an integrated camera and the ONE-KEY™ app, rather than requiring dedicated hardware
  • Machine-readable 2D data matrix code allows for quick, reliable identification with every scan
  • Strong adhesion properties stand to up to fluctuations in temperate and exposure to water
  • Engineered with scratch and fade resistant velvet lexan material, which withstands exposure to most common jobsite chemicals
  • Designed for assets with plastic surfaces available for adhesion

Product Specifications

Material Composition Plastic
Length 1.0 in
Weight 1.0 lb
Height 13.0 in
Width 12.0 in
Type Sm. Plastic