5/8" x 4" x 6" Carbide Hammer Drill Bit with POWER TIP™

Our Carbide Hammer Drill Bits are designed with sharpened carbide to deliver up to 9x longer life and 4x faster drilling into concrete. The POWER TIP™, available in sizes 3/8" and above, is designed with dynamic cutting edges and a chip breaker for increased productivity and easier drilling from start to finish. Engineered with precision ground carbide, these bits deliver faster starts and less walking in concrete, brick, and block. Wide flute design removes dust faster, reducing heat and delivering more holes per charge. Equipped with a 3-Flat Secure Grip™ shank, Milwaukee® Carbide Hammer Drill Bits are the ideal solution for drilling in masonry materials with hammer drills/drivers. Available in diameters up to 1 inch.

  • POWER TIP™ with dynamic cutting edges provides ultimate material disruption for increased productivity
  • Robust carbide for up to 9x life in concrete
  • Precision ground carbide tip design for up to 4x faster speeds in concrete
  • Easier Drilling. Start to Finish.
  • Chip Breaker disperses material load throughout tip for balanced drilling experience
  • Sharpened carbide edges for faster starts and less bit walking
  • 3-Flat Secure Grip™ prevents bit from slipping in chuck
  • Wide flute design for fast, efficient dust removal and more holes per charge
  • For use in concrete, brick, and block
  • For use in hammer drill drivers
  • Hammer drill bits available in diameters 1/8" to 1"

Product Specifications

Useable Length 4 in
Cutting Depth 4 in
Hole Diameter 5/8 in
Flute Length 4 in
Type Hammer Drill Bit
Pack Qty 1 pk
Size 5/8"
Length 6 in
Weight 0.26 lb
Height 0.625 in
Width 0.625 in
Material Composition Carbide Tipped
Material Application Block|Brick|Concrete
Shank Size 3/8 in