Milwaukee® SDS-Plus Masonry Core Bits are ideal for drilling large holes in brick, block, and concrete with SDS-Plus rotary hammers. Assymetrical carbide teeth break up material more effectively resulting in up to 20% faster drilling speeds. Centering bits allow for easy alignment of the hole and precise spot drilling. The versatile two-piece design allows users to drill with several different core bit sizes using one adapter. The spiral core body design minimizes friction in the hole and aids in dust removal during the application. Core bits cut with the outter edge only, therefore the operator must remove the inner core continue drilling for holes deeper than 3".

  • Two-piece design for maximum versatility
  • Works with SDS Plus Masonry Core Bits
  • Threaded shank design for easy core bit removal
  • 8mm diameter Works with 48-20-3582 and 48-20-3593 SDS+ Core Bit Adapters
  • Designed for SDS-Plus rotary hammers

Product Specifications