11/16" X 18" Lineman's Utility Auger 25PK

Our SHOCKWAVE™ Lineman's Impact Auger Bits are engineered to deliver cleaner, faster holes in wooden utility poles. They feature a single spur design, which scores the edge of the hole, creating a cleaner finish that allows bolts to slide through without resistance. The auger bits are coated with a reinforced anti-friction PTFE coating for overall smoother drilling and easier removal of the bit from the pole. The aggressive feed screw and cutting edge pull the bit through the material while the optimized wide flute geometry quickly ejects the chips to clear the hole and reduce clogs for overall faster drilling speeds.

  • Engineered for the Power Utility Lineman to drill cleaner, faster holes in wooden utility poles.
  • Single spur design scores the hole for a cleaner finish
  • Reinforced Anti-Friction PTFE Coating for overall smoother drilling
  • Optimized Wide Flute Geometry for faster chip ejection
  • Aggressive Feed Screw and Cutting Edge for faster drilling speeds.
  • 7/16" hex shank for quick connection into 7/16" quick connect chucks

Product Specifications

Useable Length 15.0 in
Cutting Depth 15.0 in
Flute Length 15.0 in
Type Auger Bit
Pack Qty 25 Pack
Diameter 11/16"
Length 9.0 in
Weight 33.0 lb
Height 21.0 in
Width 11.5 in
Material Application Wood