20oz Clear Barrel Kit

For use with M18™ Cordless Caulk and Adhesive Guns. This kit includes only the 20 oz Clear Barrel. The 20 oz Sausage Style Plunger Rod and Piston Assembly are sold with the 48-08-1094 Clear Barrel Conversion Kit. This kit includes the necessary component to convert barrel styles from the 2642-21CT 20 oz Aluminum Barrel Sausage Style Caulk and Adhesive Gun Kit to a clear barrel.

  • 20 oz Sausage style barrel accepts all standard 20 oz sausage material packages
  • Clear tube design allows the user to see remaining material and watch for bag wrap or blowback
  • For use with all M18™ Caulk and Adhesive Guns

Product Specifications

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