SDS Max to SDS Plus Bit Adapter

Expand the versatility of your rotary hammer with the MILWAUKEE® SDS MAX to SDS PLUS Bit Adapter. This adapter allows for SDS PLUS accessories to be used with an SDS MAX rotary hammer giving you the ability to use only one tool for all jobs – resulting in increased productivity and minimal hassle. The adapter is designed to last, providing long life on the job. Maximize the value of your rotary hammer with Milwaukee® carbide bit adapters.

  • Allows you to use SDS PLUS accessories with your SDS MAX rotary hammer for added versatility
  • Durable adapter designed for long life
  • Affordability and flexibility: Make the most of your current rotary hammer
  • Increased adaptability on one rotary hammer
  • Designed for SDS PLUS accessories
  • German Made

Product Specifications

Bit Shank SDS-PLUS
Tool Shank SDS-MAX