Our WRECKER™ with NITRUS CARBIDE™ SAWZALL® blade for multi-material cutting is the next generation of carbide teeth technology. Our NITRUS CARBIDE™ technology allows this blade to be the fastest cutting and longest life multi-material blade on the market. The blade features a 6TPI design for best material versatility and the ability to cut materials from wood with nails and screws to thick metals. Our blade delivers 2x life versus carbide teeth blades eliminating the need for blade changes when cutting a variety of materials. Our carbide sawzall blade is available in 6”, 9” and 12” blade lengths. It is the ideal blade for demolition and remodeling jobs.

  • Cuts through the widest variety of materials: wood with nails and screws, roofing material, plaster and drywall, rigid conduit and black pipe
  • 6TPI design for best material versatility
  • Fang Tip™ design for fastest plunge cuts in woods, plaster and drywall
  • 1/2" universal tang
  • Available in 6", 9" and 12" lengths in 1PKs, 3PKs, and 5PKs
  • Made in the USA
  • Best blade for residential demolition projects

Product Specifications

Number of Teeth Display=27&Actual=27
Blade Length 6 in
Pack Qty 5 pk
Length 2 in
Weight 0.35 lb
Height 0.65 in
Width 8.75 in
Material Application Multi-Purpose|All-Purpose