RADIUS™ LED 130w Temporary Site Light

Our RADIUS™ LED 130w Temporary Site Light shatters expectations and brings a new level of innovation to the temporary lighting process for easy setup, instant light and no maintenance. Our 130w temporary site light delivers 15,000 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output, increasing your lighting performance in large scale commercial construction. The temporary light is optimized to cover more floor space than a 400w Metal Halide while consuming 65% less power. The temp light requires no assembly and arrives ready for out-of-the-box operation with a 4ft 120v plug. When installed with Non-Metallic (NM-B) or MC cable, the job site light is capable of being used on temporary power systems from 120v-277v. The LED light installs faster than competitive products by having an integrated hanging cable with a spring-loaded cable retention mechanism to speed up your installation time and reduce installation material. The light has a high impact polycarbonate lens protecting the light source while you use or transport it, increasing the longevity of your temporary construction lights in demanding environments. MILWAUKEE® RADIUS™ Site Lights provide maximum coverage for task, area, or overhead applications with their ability to fill an entire workspace with 360 degrees of light.


Easy Setup. Instant Light.
No Maintenance.


  • Integrated Wiring Terminal Wire up once. Accepts 120-277V.
  • Wire Strain Relief Accepts 14/2 Romex to 10/2 MC
  • Quick Feed Cable Retention Faster Installation and Removal


  • 15,000 Lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output
  • Exceeds Floor Coverage of 400W Metal Halide
  • Reduces Energy by 65% vs. 400W Metal Halide


  • Impact Resistant
  • No On-Site Maintenance
  • Theft Deterrent Lock Hasp

Product Specifications

Power Source Corded