Why Force Logic™

FORCE LOGIC™ is engineered to not only improve upon, but fundamentally change the way hydraulic tools are used in the field. Through countless hours researching on jobsites and thoughtful design, each tool simplifies complicated processes and delivers the single best user experience of its kind.

Whether it’s a knockout system that can be set-up without the weight of the tool for the easiest way to punch, or 6T Crimpers and Cutters that move the hand position to the center of the tool creating unrivaled control and accuracy, FORCE LOGIC™ tools always deliver a smarter way to work.

The Most Reliable Way To Crimp

Easiest Alignment Wearing Class 3 Gloves

In order to improve control while wearing PPE in a bucket or trench, Milwaukee® repositioned the traditional 6T crimper grip closer to the center of the tool, fully balancing the crimper and dramatically improving users ability to line up markings on connector at the jaws.

Easiest Alignment Wearing Class 3 Gloves
2x More Control

Predictive Force Monitoring PFM&tm;

PFM™ is the industry’s first adaptive pressure control system, comprised of a seal free high speed hydraulic pump, fine-tuned pressure sensor and POWERSTATE™ Brushless motor all orchestrated by REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence. PFM™ measures pressure and modifies all performance levels of the system, pushing the hydraulics extremely fast through the beginning of the cycle and landing them softly at the right pressure, while protecting internal components, during the completion of the crimp. The results is the single fastest, most precise, and most durable crimping system on the market.

Predictive Force Blueprint