M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver Kit

Our M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver delivers an upgraded solution that can power the TRAPSNAKE™ 25’ Auger w/ CABLE DRIVE™, 6' Toilet Auger, and the 4' Urinal Auger. As the first powered unit optimized for the challenges of porcelain fixtures, this driver delivers power and speed to work through tough clogs in tight traps. This TRAPSNAKE™ Driver features optimized electronics that protect the fixture from the augers and allow you to feel when engaged with a blockage. You can upgrade to the M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver from the onboard hand crank for the 25' Auger or the handles for the 6' Toilet and 4' Urinal Augers. The MILWAUKEE® M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver delivers versatility and capabilities never seen before in sink, toilet, and urinal augers.

  • TRAPSNAKE™ Porcelain Auger System: One system for toilets, urinals & floor traps
  • Upgrade your power source
  • Part of the TRAPSNAKE™ Interchangeable Powered Auger System. One System for Urinals, Toilets, and Sinks​
  • Interchange the M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver with any TRAPSNAKE™ Auger Handle
  • Optimized for Drain Cleaning Technicians to Protect Porcelain Fixtures on Service Calls​
  • In-Line Design for Improved Ergonomics​
  • Maneuvers Traps Faster to Quickly Reach the Clog​
  • Optimized Electronics that allow the User to Feel when Engaged with a Blockage
  • Compatible with all M12 batteries

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Battery Specifications

Voltage 12V
Battery Type 12 Volt Lithium Ion

Product Specifications

Line Type Fixture
Tool Warranty 5 Years (Charger), 2 Years (Battery)
Power Source Cordless
Length 2.0 in
Weight 1.54 lb
Height 10.25 in
Width 3.25 in
Drain Line Capacity up to 4
Cable Size Cable not included
Battery System M12