Milwaukee® Announces a 6T Pistol Utility Crimper for Overhead Distribution

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool continues to deliver unprecedented productivity enhancements for linemen with the new M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper – the easiest way to crimp overhead. Ideal for making connections at shoulder height and above, the 6T pistol crimper is the lightest and most balanced pistol-style crimping tool. These features pair with the tool’s 340-degree rotating head for the easiest alignment and access in tight spaces.

“As a core element of critical infrastructure, distribution line maintenance work is often performed in the most extreme conditions, thus making the health and safety of crews a critical focus. At Milwaukee®, we’re dedicated to developing the most ergonomic and reliable crimping solutions on the market, as seen in our game-changing 6T, 12T, and 15T crimpers,” said Troy Marks, Senior Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “With the introduction of the M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper, we’re able to deliver this same industry-leading technology in a 6T crimping tool for crews that prefer a pistol-style orientation for overhead applications.*”

The M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper is not only the lightest 6T pistol crimper available, but it’s also designed with numerous features to give users maximum control and versatility. A repositioned grip helps balance the tool, while a 340-degree rotating head provides a neutral wrist position regardless of the way the user needs to crimp, delivering the easiest alignment in the industry. Eight interchangeable jaws allow users to tackle of variety of applications with this one tool, including up to 4/0 line taps and up to 750MCM Cu, 1000MCM Al, 477 ACSR, ½” EHS Guy Wire, 3/8” Rebar, and 3/8” Ground Rod.

Featuring Predictive Force Monitoring (PFM™), an adaptive pressure control system, the tool constantly measures force output delivering consistent speed that won’t bog down on larger connectors. A green LED indicator light provides users instant pressure verification to ensure they’ve achieved the correct pressure every time. Pre-crimp battery check automatically ensures there’s enough battery charge to fully complete each crimp and not get stuck on a connector, a common occurrence with competitive units.

When powered by an M18™ REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 Battery Pack, the tool delivers up to 240 crimps per charge and is optimized for consistent performance from -20°C/-4°F to 60°C/140°F giving confidence that any job can be completed in any environment. For maximum protection against the elements, sealed electronics keep dirt, dust and moisture out, protecting internal components for the longest tool life in the industry.

As a complete problem-solving solution, the tool is compatible with the digital platform, ONE KEY™,** which allows the user to sync the tool wirelessly with their mobile device or desktop. Users can upload data and history to create custom reports that track the pressure and timing of every crimp, identify where and when the tool was last seen, and track the utilization and service intervals of the tool to maximize uptime and keep inventory lean.

From the power plant, through transmission and distribution, it is Milwaukee’s goal to improve reliability and productivity for linemen by offering solutions that help increase confidence on the job. The new M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper joins a wide range of power tools, cordless crimpers and cutters, high-output lighting, hand tools, storage, and linemen accessories that continue to deliver on this mission.

*FORCE LOGIC™ is engineered to not only improve upon, but fundamentally change the way high-force tools are used in the field. Through thoughtful design focused on workflow, each tool simplifies a complicated process to deliver the best user experience of its kind and the smartest way to work.

**ONE-KEY™ is the first digital platform for tools and equipment. By integrating industry-leading tool electronics with a custom-built cloud-based program, ONE-KEY™ provides a new level of control and access to information that revolutionizes the way work gets done. The ability to customize, track, and manage through ONE-KEY™ fundamentally changes the way users interact with their tools.



M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper (2977-20)

  • Output Force: 6 Tons
  • Length: 17.25”
  • Height: 12.25”
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs
  • Head Rotation: 340°
  • Full Pressure Indicator: Yes
  • Adaptive Pressure Control: PFM™
  • ONE KEY™ Enabled: Yes


Available in 2 Kit Formations:

M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper BG-D3 Kit (2977-22BG)

Includes M18 FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper, BG-D3 Jaw, (2) M18™ RED LITHIUM™ CP 2.0 Battery Packs, M12™/M18™ Multi-Voltage Charger, and Utility Bag.


M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper O-D3 Kit (2977-22O)

Includes M18 FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper, O-D3 Jaw, (2) M18™ REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 Battery Packs, M12™/M18™ Multi-Voltage Charger, and Utility Bag.


About Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool, founded in 1924, is a global leader in delivering innovative solutions to the professional construction trades that offer increased productivity and unmatched durability. Whether it is through their world-leading M12™, M18™, and MX FUEL™ cordless systems, the ground-breaking performance of their M12 and M18 FUEL™ products, jobsite lighting, time-saving accessories, or innovative hand tool and storage products, Milwaukee® is dedicated to delivering a steady stream of advanced, trade-specific solutions. Milwaukee Tool is a Brookfield, Wisconsin-based subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI) (HKEx stock code: 669, ADR symbol: TTNDY). For more information on the full line of Milwaukee® products, please call 1-800-SAWDUST or visit www.milwaukeetool.com.