Milwaukee® Wrecks the Jobsite with New Drilling Hammer, Nail Pullers, and Pry Bars

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool continues to grow their hand tool solutions for the trades with the introduction of a 3lb Drilling Hammer, Nail Pullers, a Molding Puller, and Pry Bars. Designed specifically for the challenges associated with wrecking and demolition, these new solutions offer superior versatility, accessibility, and durability.

Drilling Hammer

Equipped with both a milled and smooth face, the new 3lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer offers unmatched versatility on the jobsite. The milled face provides additional grip on chisels, punches, stakes, and spikes to reduce slippage or mis-strikes, while the traditional smooth face is optimized for general demolition and driving applications. Complete with a high-strength fiberglass handle and reinforced overstrike protection, the new hammer provides ultimate power and durability. For ease of use, the hammer is precision balanced and delivers forceful blows with less effort.

Nail and Molding Pullers

To remove nails quickly and efficiently, the new Nail Pullers and Molding Puller are complete with a SMOOTHPULL™ High-Leverage Head for maximum leverage. All pullers feature a durable, wear-resistant grip for reduced vibration and increased comfort. Precision beveled edges on the claws allow for better grip on hard-to-reach nails, and an integrated nail remover on the head of the pullers allows users to remove embedded nails in multiple ways while limiting damage to surrounding materials. For wedging and prying in tight spaces, the Molding Puller comes with a whale tail claw. For increased efficiency on the jobsite, the 9” Finish Nail Puller is optimized with 6D-12D nail slots, the 10” Nail Puller and 10” Molding Puller are optimized with 8D-16D nail slots, and the 12” Nail Puller is optimized with 10D-20D nail slots.

Pry Bars

The new Pry Bars feature SHOCKSHIELD™ grips for ultimate vibration reduction. Built to withstand the toughest of jobsite conditions while remaining sharp enough to pry, pull, and scrape, the claws are induction-hardened for added strength and long-lasting sharpness. For easier prying, the pry bars are complete with high-leverage heads and will be available in 12” and 15” lengths.

 Milwaukee Tool’s new wrecking hand tool solutions are designed to provide users with the versatility, accessibility, and durability they need on the jobsite.


Drilling HammersAvailable July 2020

48-22-9310                  3lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer

Nail and Molding PullersAvailable September 2020

48-22-9030                  9” Finish Nail Puller

48-22-9031                  10” Nail Puller

48-22-9032                  12” Nail Puller

48-22-9033                  10” Molding Puller

Pry BarsAvailable September 2020

48-22-9034                  12” Pry Bar

48-22-9035                  15” Pry Bar