Milwaukee® Delivers User-Driven Innovation with New Cutting Pliers and Screwdrivers

MILWAUKEE, WI— Milwaukee Tool continues commitment to top performing, trade focused, hand tool solutions with the introduction of new Lineman’s, Diagonal, and Long Nose Pliers, and Screwdrivers. Milwaukee’s® new cutting plier solutions deliver the easiest cuts, long lasting teeth and cut edge, and the smoothest open and close. The new screwdrivers provide the best fit and maximum grip on fasteners. These new solutions are made in a 95,000 square foot state-of-the-art research, design, and manufacturing facility in West Bend, WI, and are covered by a Milwaukee® Lifetime Guarantee.

“Milwaukee Tool is dedicated to bringing best-in-class, innovative, solutions to our users,” said Adam Moscherosch, Group Product Manager for Hand Tools. “Here at Milwaukee, we take pride in conducting countless hours of field research with our users, understanding their pain points with current solutions, their needs, and their applications. For pliers, we uncovered the importance of easy cuts, durability, and a smooth open and close. We saw the frustrations with inconsistent fit in fasteners with screwdriver tips. We brought these frustrations to our engineers and then continued to include users in the product development process until our solutions fit their needs, applications, and demands of the jobsite.

Cutting Pliers

New cutting pliers provide users with the easiest cuts and feature an optimized pivot point design that gives maximum leverage to cut through tough materials. Built to last, these cutting pliers have laser-hardened edges delivering a long cut life. To set users up for success right out of the package, the cutting pliers are engineered to deliver the smoothest open and close experience with no break-in period required. Offered in comfort grip with lanyard hole and dipped grip with a split-ring hole, these cutting pliers are tether-ready for complete tie-off while working on the jobsite. Designed for the trades, Lineman’s Pliers feature a reaming head for ½-inch to 1-inch conduit. Select models include an integrated crimper for insulated and non-insulated terminals, #6 and #8 bolt cutters, and straight fish tape puller or an integrated thread cleaner. Long Nose Pliers are designed to deliver the best grip featuring cross-hatched, laser-hardened teeth for maximum grip in pulling or twisting applications. They also feature a fish tape puller and a reaming head for ½-inch to 1-inch conduit.


The Screwdrivers are custom machined and engineered with precision fit tips to offer the best fit and to reduce stripping during demanding fastening applications. The tips are laser-etched to deliver maximum grip on hardware. Made with high-strength, boron-infused steel for increased hardness, the screwdrivers are built to withstand the demands of the jobsite and provide long tool life. For challenging fastening applications, select screwdrivers include a wrench-ready bolster for added torque. A knurled shank allows for precision control during fine-tune fastening. The screwdrivers are easily identified with tip size markings, including Phillips, cabinet, ECX, slotted, and square. These screwdrivers are available individually and in a 4pc and 6pc set.

Milwaukee’s focus on innovation, dedication to users, and investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology has come together to produce these top-performing hand tool solutions. These new hand tool solutions are covered by a Milwaukee® Lifetime Guarantee. These innovative trade-focused solutions demonstrate the company’s dedication to increasing productivity for the user. For more information on Milwaukee® Hand Tools or to view the entire line, please visit https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Pipeline.

Product Breakdown:

Cutting Pliers (USA)

9" Lineman's Dipped Grip Pliers (USA)                                                   MT500

9" Lineman's Dipped Grip Pliers w/ Crimper & Bolt Cutter (USA)           MT500C

9" Lineman's Dipped Grip Pliers w/ Thread Cleaner (USA)                    MT500T

8" Long Nose Dipped Grip Pliers (USA)                                                  MT505

6" Diagonal Dipped Grip Cutting Pliers (USA)                                         MT506

7" Diagonal Dipped Grip Cutting Pliers (USA)                                         MT507

8" Diagonal Dipped Grip Cutting Pliers (USA)                                         MT508

9" Lineman's Comfort Grip Pliers (USA)                                                  MT550

9" Lineman's Comfort Grip Pliers w/ Crimper and Bolt Cutter (USA)      MT550C

9" Lineman's Comfort Grip Pliers with Thread Cleaner (USA)                MT550T

8" Long Nose Comfort Grip Pliers (USA)                                                MT555

6" Diagonal Comfort Grip Cutting Pliers (USA)                                       MT556

7" Diagonal Comfort Grip Cutting Pliers (USA)                                       MT557

8" Diagonal Comfort Grip Cutting Pliers (USA)                                       MT558

Screwdrivers (USA)

4PC Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set (USA)                                            MT200-4

Includes: MT207, MT212, MT202, MT206

6PC Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set (USA)                                            MT200-6

Includes: MT203, MT212, MT207,  MT202, MT206, MT201

#1 Phillips 3" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                     MT201

#2 Phillips 4" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                     MT202

#3 Phillips 6" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                     MT203

#2 Phillips 10" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                   MT204

1/4" Slotted 4" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                   MT206

5/16" Slotted 6" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                 MT207

3/8" Slotted 8" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                   MT209

3/16" Cabinet 3" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                MT211

3/16" Cabinet 6" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                MT212

3/16" Cabinet 8" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                MT213

1/4" Cabinet 10" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                MT214

#1 ECX 4" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                         MT215

#2 ECX 4" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                         MT216

#1 Square 3" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                     MT217

#2 Square 4" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                     MT218

#3 Square 6" Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)                                     MT219


About Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool, founded in 1924, is a global leader in delivering innovative solutions to the professional construction trades that increase productivity and safety. Milwaukee® is known for their world-leading M12™, M18™, and MX FUEL™ cordless systems, the ground-breaking performance of their cordless innovations, safety solutions, battery-powered outdoor power equipment, jobsite lighting and clean-up, time-saving accessories, and innovative hand tool and PACKOUT™ Modular Storage products. The company is dedicated to delivering a steady stream of advanced, trade-specific solutions.

Milwaukee Tool is a Brookfield, Wisconsin-based subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI) (HKEx stock code: 669, ADR symbol: TTNDY). For more information on the full line of Milwaukee® products, please call 1-800-SAWDUST or visit www.milwaukeetool.com.