What is Jobsite Solutions?


How often do you really get the time to find out about new products in your industry? You may attend the occasional trade show, where some tool manufacturers are in attendance, or you may have a quick conversation with your local Industrial sales rep who is also selling hundreds of other lines.

Milwaukee understands that as a professional you rely on your tools to make money and can't afford to be let down or to not be kept up to date with the latest industry trends. Chances are that if you're not using the latest construction tools and technologies, the company that you're quoting against is.

While we have always prided ourselves on delivering a great after sales service, we know that we can go even further by also offering an equally exceptional pre-sales service. Our Job Site Specialists provide a way for us to help you see what is available, try before you buy or answer any technical questions - helping to make your job easier, faster and better. This is why Milwaukee Tools has invested heavily in our Job Site Solutions Team for the Canadian Industrial Marketplace. We now have a dedicated Job Site Solutions resource for every major market in the country.

Our goal is to work closely with Industry associations like the UA, IBEW, MCA and NECA, as well as Industry accredited colleges and training facilities and professional power tool retailers right around the country. Our aim is to have the best industry knowledge available to help you save time and make more money.

If you are interested to know more about how our Job Site Solutions Team can work with you then register your interest and we will be sure to contact you directly.

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